Miniml Bottle 500ml

Miniml Bottle 500ml

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Our Reusable 500ml Glass Bottle is a core part of our reuse and refill system. They come fitted with a black cap and you can add additional closures such as a Trigger Spray or Lotion Pump on the Accessories page.  

Please make sure you are careful dispensing into our reusable glass bottles in the bathroom, where breakages can occur. We also offer a range of PET bottles as well for this reason.


  • Simple and cool design that is perfect for around the sink or in the bathroom. 
  • 500ml filling capacity.
  • Comes with a Black Cap included.
  • Made in Yorkshire, UK.


Simply fill using either our Drum Tap, Pelican Pump (5L or 20L) or the Ezi Action Drum Pump that is attached to either our 5L or 20L refillable jerrycan containers.

Make sure to wash your bottle thoroughly in between use cycles with a small amount of our Miniml Washing Up Liquid and warm water.