Coffee Beans Wogan Espresso 100g (Bedminster and Redfield)

Coffee Beans Wogan Espresso 100g (Bedminster and Redfield)

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Wogan Organic Fairtrade Espresso.

Sumatran Permata Gayo, Ethiopian Bench Maji, Honduran SHG EP Arabicas & Indian Cherry

Organic & Fairtrade

Blend containing three speciality coffees (SCAA 84, 84.5 & 83 respectively) for a smooth yet punchy cup with brilliant crema.

Galling-Basah, Washed and Natural Processes.

Altitude: 900-2200m

Varietals: Tim-tim, Bourbon, Ateng, Forest, Kaffa, Djimmah, Limmu, Catuai, Caturra, Pacamara, Robusta

Big and punchy with notes of cocoa pops, cookies, stonefruit.

Created with espresso in mind, it packs enough punch without being harsh or offensive. Nuts and praline flavours dull the bright acidity and fruit. A delicious, punchy, smooth and ethical espresso roast!