Apricots Whole

Apricots Whole

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Organic Apricot Wholes Unsulphured

Organic Apricots cannot include the preservative sulphur dioxide which maintains the artificial yellow colour of non-organic apricots, and so organic apricots are a rich, dark brown, with a lovely caramelly flavour.

Taste: Characteristic of sound ripe, dried apricots

Texture: A firm chewy texture, not leathery

Colour: Dull brownish orange to light brown.

Ingredients in descending order of weight: Organic Apricots 99.7% Organic Sunflower Oil 0.3% Added as a processing agent and to prevent aglomeration.

Nutritional Information Typical values (per 100g):
Energy KJ 802
Energy KCAL 258
Fat 0.7g
of which Saturates 0g
Carbohydrate 43.3g
of which sugars 43.3g
Fibre 9.0g
Protein 4.8g
Salt 0.02g

Country of Origin: Turkey