Pulsin Pea Protein 100g

Pulsin Pea Protein 100g

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Pea Protein Isolate

Made in a factory that handles nuts, peanuts & milk products. May contain soya.

Why Should I Choose Pea Protein?
Our Pea Protein is one of the most versatile protein powders in our range as it benefits from being heat stable making it perfect for adding to hot dishes. It also packs a fairly hefty protein punch at 80% protein, as well as being rich in iron and zinc.

It is vegan, non GM and contains no added fillers, sugars or sweeteners, making it a great alternative to whey protein.

How Do I Use It?
All our protein powders are great for adding to your favourite recipes to boost your daily protein intake. It has a neutral flavour and can be easily mixed with sweet or savoury dishes to boost your daily protein intake. Can you cook with pea protein powder? The answer is yes! It is also heat stable making it great for hot soups and casseroles.

Click on some of the Pea Protein recipes below or explore the recipe section of our blog for some inspiration.

Who's It For?
Everyone! Often recommended by nutritionists, it is the ideal ingredient for vegetarians, vegans, athletes or those on a weight loss diet.