Tropical Mix 100g

Tropical Mix 100g

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MI050 Banana Chips, Raisins, Jumbo Raisins, Whole Amonds, LP Cashews, Raw Coconut, Toasted Coconut, Hazelnuts

Nutritional Analysis
Energy 2056.00 kJ per 100g Fat 30.70 g per 100g
Energy 491.40 kcal per 100g ... of which saturates 15.40 g per 100g
Protein 6.10 g per 100g ...... monounsaturates 0.00 g per 100g
Carbohydrates 43.40 g per 100g ...... polyunsaturates 0.00 g per 100g
... of which sugars 35.40 g per 100g Fibre 6.10 g per 100g
Salt 0.02 g per 100g

Contains : Nuts.

Suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan diets.